Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth yellowed and dulled? Over time, most people experience tooth discoloration to varying degrees. Some people’s teeth appear slightly yellowed, while others’ teeth become severely stained and darkened. The following factors may contribute to discoloration and staining on the teeth:

  • Smoking and chewing tobacco products
  • The natural aging process
  • Certain illnesses and medications, such as tetracycline
  • Poor dental hygiene habits and oral healthcare
  • Fluorosis (exposure to very high concentrations of fluoride while the teeth are still developing)
  • Certain drinks, including tea, wine, coffee, and soda, as well as highly pigmented foods like berries

If your teeth are discolored due to these or other factors, we encourage you to speak with Dr. Wendy S. Haefner about how we can lighten your teeth. We offer professional teeth whitening in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve a brighter, whiter smile that helps you feel confident in your appearance. Professional teeth whitening uses a strong yet safe whitening gel that bleaches away the stains and discoloration on your teeth. Most patients notice results after just one or two treatments! For more information about professional teeth whitening and to set up your visit with our dentist, we welcome you to contact i smile Mathis Ferry dentistry soon. We are eager to help you achieve a more radiant smile!


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